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Scottish poetry for children kids poems

A zillion poems to make you smile, laugh, cry, visit the dentist, scream and shout.

(Well maybe not visit the dentist!)

Type of Poem : Scottish Poems



Address to the Toothache by Robert Burns

Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns

Babbity Bowster by Anonomous

Crocodile by J K Annand

Duck!! by Stuart Macfarlane

Epitaph For a Haggis by Stuart McLean

Epitaph on Jack McMarra by Stuart McLean

Get Up and Bar the Door by Anonymous

Gonnae Put the Cat Oot by Stuart Macfarlane

McAllister Dances Before the King by D.M. Mackenzie

Nursery Rhyme by Anonymous

Ode Tae a Bumble Bee by Stuart McLean

Ode Tae a Bumble Bee by Stuart McLean

Robin Reidbreist By J K Annand

Tae an American Tourist by Stuart McLean

Target Practice by Stuart Macfarlane

Thoughts Oan an Egg by Stuart Macfarlane

Times Table by Stuart Macfarlane

To a Brussels Sprout by Stuart McLean

To A Mouse by Robert Burns

To a Vegetarian Haggis by Stuart McLean

Wee Joukydaidles by J Smith

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Ode Tae a Bumble Bee
Wee hoverin’, fleein’ ferlie fello’,
Wi’ yer stripes o’ black and yello’,
Yer ever sae bonnie, so ye ur,
Like a spring lamb – only smaller and withoot the fur,
But see if ye ever sting me oan the bum again,
Ah’m gonnae jump on yer heid so Ah um.
(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)


To a Brussels Sprout
O, Brussels sprout sae green and round,
Ye sit upon ma plate,
So innocently mystifying,
The cause o’ much debate.

Some say ye taste like camel droppings,
While others think you great,
I’m sure your sitting there a wonderin’,
Whit’s goin’ tae be your fate.

So let me tell you o’ so quick,
As nervously you wait,
That I find you e’er so loathsome,
So you definitely won’t be ate.
(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)


First Kiss
Nervously they stand behind the bicycle shed,
All of twelve, more full of Beanos and Barbie Dolls,
And here they are, more for a dare than to explore the opposite sex,
But they are here and there is no way of turning back.
Clumsily he takes her hand and their blushes erupt,
They’ve seen it in the movies . . . they know what a kiss is,
But the question is – why would you do something like that?
Timidly they force a smile – avoiding each other’s eyes.
But there is no turning back, so they might as well get it over with,
They close their eyes and move towards each other,
Awkwardly noses collide – but nothing seems to be broken,
Their lips meet.
For thirty-three seconds, lips explore each other,
Sweet, innocent nectar finding there,
And, as they part to go to French and Geography,
She wishes she could rip out her braces and he curses his latest zit.
(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)



As a lad ma mates and I,
Played chicken oan motorway lanes,
But that was dull, so now we play,
Duck wae aeroplanes.
(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)    


Target Practice

Ah've jist shot my mither,

Noo that may seem strange,

But Ah'd jist bought a gun,

And she wis in range.  

(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)


Epitaph For a Haggis

O hairy wee critter who,

Once lived amongst the heather,

And ran aroun’ the mountains,

Nae matter what the weather.


It seems so sad for him tae die,

Jist tae gie tae me a feast,

But it wis the hunting season,

So I shot the poor wee beast.

(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)



Times Table

Two ones ur two,

Two twos ur four,

Don’t fancy Jenny any more,

Two threes ur six,

Two fours ur eight,

Think Ah’ll ask Mary fur a date,

Two fives ur ten,

Two sixes ur twelve,

Two sevens ur fourteen,

She looks jist like a beauty queen,

Two eights ur sixteen,

Two nines ur eighteen,

Wae hair o’ brown and eyes o’ green,

Two tens ur twenty,

Two elevens ur twenty-two,

Ah’ll ask here wance this lesson’s through,

Two twelves ur twenty-four,


Three ones ur three,

Three twos ur six,

Ah’ll maybe ask her oot tae ra pics,

Three threes ur nine,

Three fours ur twelve,

Three fives ur fifteen,

Three sixes ur eighteen,

Mustnae let her think thit Ah’m too keen,

Three sevens ur twenty-one,

Three eights ur twenty-four,

Even though she’s the one thit Ah adore,

Three nines ur twenty-seven,

Three tens ur thirty,

Three elevens ur thirty-three,

Wow, she’s whispering tae her friend about me,

Three twelves ur thirty-six,


Four ones ur four,

Four twos ur eight,

They’re bloody well laughing aboot ma weight,

Four threes ur twelve,

Four fours ur sixteen,

Four fives ur twenty,

Four sixes ur twenty-four,

Don’t think Ah like her any more,

Four sevens ur twenty-six,

Four eights ur thirty-one,

Four nines ur thirty-seven,

Hey Miss, Ah need tae go tae the lavvie.

(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)   



Thoughts Oan an Egg

There once wis an egg,

Wae only wan leg,

But it did huv a passion,

For smashin'.

(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)   


Gonnae Put the Cat Oot

Gonnae Put the Cat Oot,

It’s no that much tae ask.

Gonnae Put the Cat Oot,

It’s a simple enough task.

Gonnae Put the Cat Oot,

It’s all that I desire.

Gonnae Put the Cat Oot,

The bloody things oan fire.

(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane) 



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Most of the poems on Poems for Children are by Stuart Macfarlane and covered by copyright. Please do not use these without permission. Poems not written by Stuart Macfarlane are assumed to be in the public domain. If you spot any that you thing should not be here please let us know and it will be removed.


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