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nursery rhymes

A zillion nursery rhymes to make you smile, laugh, cry, visit the dentist, scream and shout.

(Well maybe not visit the dentist!)


Nursery Rhymes - 7





Knee Ride

Knock At The Door

Ladies Ride

Lady Bird

Ladybird, Ladybird


Last night

Last night there was a murder in a fish shop

Lavender Blue

Lavenders Blue Dilly Dilly

Lawn As White As Driven Snow

Lazy Mary

Leatherty Patch

Leddy Landers

Leg Over Leg

Life Is But A Dream


Lion and The Unicorn


Little Betty Blue

Little Bird

Little Blackey Tops

Little Bo Peep

Little Bobby Snooks

Little Boy Blue

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Little Cock Sparrow

Little Fred

Little Girl Little Girl

Little Hen

Little Jack Horner

Little Jack Jingle

Little Jenny Wren

Little Jumping Joan

Little King Boggen

Little Maid

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Patty and Master Paul

Little Moppet

Little Nancy Etticoat

Little Polly Flinders

Little Rain Drops

Little Robin Red breast

Little Sally Walker

Little Sammy Soapsuds

Little Sister

Little Things

Little Tommy Tittlemouse

Little Tommy Tucker

Little White Feathers

Lock and Key

London Bells

London Bridge Is Broken

London Bridge is Falling down

London Fisherman

London Town

London's burning

Long Ago

Long Legs and Short Thighs

Lost Lost Lost

Lovely Dresses and Ribbons and Laces

Lucy Lockett

Lullay Lullay


Ma brother Bill's a Fireman bold

Ma Da's the lord mayor of London


Mah Granny went doon tae the cellar

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