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nonsense poetry for children kids poems

A zillion poems to make you smile, laugh, cry, visit the dentist, scream and shout.

(Well maybe not visit the dentist!)

Type of Poem : Nonsense Poems



A Silly Poem by Spike Milligan

Ants in Aunt’s Pants by Stuart Macfarlane

Bazonka by Spike Milligan

Contagion by Spike Milligan

Crash Bang Wallop by Stuart Macfarlane

Do something silly by Stuart Macfarlane

Epitaph by Edward Lear

Eurolove by Spike Milligan

Fleas - by Augustus De Morgan

Forgiven by A. A. Milne

Go North, South, East, and West, Young Man by Spike Milligan

Granny by Spike Milligan

Hippopotamum by Stuart Macfarlane

His Garden by Edward Lear

How pleasant to know Mr. Lear by Edward Lear

I Am Gone, Sir by Anonymous

I had a hippopotamus by Patrick Barrington

I wish I was much bigger by Stuart Macfarlane

I'm walking backwards for Christmas by Spike Milligan

Incidents in the Life of my Uncle Arly by Edward Lear

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

Jumbo Jet by Spike Milligan

Mary had a little lamb by Stuart Macfarlane

Mary-Jane McSunder by Stuart Macfarlane

Me by Spike Milligan

Mr. and Mrs. Spikky Sparrow by Edward Lear

My Sister_Laura by Spike Milligan

Nonsense Cookery by Edward Lear

On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan

Summer Dawn by Spike Milligan

The Diplomatic Platypus by Patrick Barrington

The Lobster-Quadrille by Lewis Carroll

The Quangle Wangle's Hat by Edward Lear

The Voice of the Lobster by Lewis Carroll

The Walrus and The Carpenter by Lewis Carroll

The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll

The White Knight's Song by Lewis Carroll

There once was a parrot named Jack by Stuart Macfarlane

There was a crooked man by Anonymous

There Was a Little Turtle by Anonymous

There was an Old Man with a Beard by Edward Lear

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe by Anonymous

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Jane Taylor

When I was Young and Ignorant by Patrick Barrington

Wind On The Hill by A. A. Milne

A Ballad Of Bedlam by Author Unknown

A Country Summer Pastoral by Author Unknown

A Norrible Tale - Old English music hall song

A Song of Thanks by William Cole

A Tragic Story by W M Thackeray

An Unsuspected Fact by Edward Cannon

As I was Standing in the Street - American folk rhyme

Astivation by Oliver Wendell Holmes

A-Tissue by Roslyn Taylor

Beasties Large and Small by Roslyn Taylor

Chorus from The Bread-Knife Ballad by Robert Service

Cossimbazar by Henry S Leigh

Down the Stream the Swans All Glide by Spike Milligan

Excerpt from The Monotony Song by Theodore Roethke

Fascination by John Bannister Tabb

Flipped by Roslyn Taylor

Gentle Doctor Brown by Bert Leston Taylor

George by Hilaire Belloc

Go North, South, East and West, Young Man by Spike Milligan

Hallelujah! by A E Housman

How to treat Grandma by Author Unknown

Humpty Dumpty's Recitation by Lewis Carroll

Hyder Iddle by Author Unknown

I Said by Author Unknown

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

Josephine by Alexander Resnikoff

King Arthur by Author Unknown

Like To The Thundering Tone by Bishop Corbet

Lines By An Old Fogy by Author Unknown

Lunar Stanzas by Henry Coggswell Knight

Madrid by Author Unknown

More Nonsense Verses by Gelett Burgess

Mr Kartoffel by James Reeves

Mr. Finney's Turnip by Author Unknown

My Dream by Author Unknown

Nonsense Verses by Charles Lamb

Oh you cannae thro' a sandwich oot a 20 story flat by Author Unknown

Portrait of the Artist as a Prematurely Old Man by Ogden Nash

Sagacity by Roslyn Taylor

Scientific Proof by J W Foley

Sing For The Garish Eye by W S Gilbert

Skinny Malinky Longlegs by Scottish Verse - Author Unknown

Some Hallucinations by Lewis Carroll

Sonnet Found In A Deserted Mad House by Author Unknown

Spelling by Author Unknown

Spirk Troll-Derisive by James Whitcomb Riley

That Head by Jerce Bullmer

The Cares of a Caretaker by Wallace Irwin

The Cumberbunce by Paul West

The Happy Family by John Ciardi

The Hunter by Author Unknown

The Ichthyosaurus by Isabel Frances Bellows

The Ingenious Little Old Man by John Bennett

The Jim-Jam King Of The Jou-Jous by Alaric Bertrand Stuart

The Jumblies by Edward Lear

The Lugubrious Whing-Whang by James Whitcomb Riley

The Man In The Moon by James Whitcomb Riley

The New Vestments by Edward Lear

The Ocean Wanderer by Author Unknown

The Panther by Ogden Nash

The Pobble Who Has No Toes by Edward Lear

The Rollicking Mastodon by Arthur Macy

The Shipwreck by E H Palmer

The Sloth by Michael Flanders

The Sneeze by Author Unknown

The Spangled Pandemonium by Palmer Brown

The Terrible People by Ogden Nash

The Thingumbob by Author Unknown

The Two Old Bachelors by Edward Lear

The wee cock sparra sat oan a barra by Scottish Verse - Author Unknown

The Whango Tree by Author Unknown

The Witch by Eleanor Farjeon

The Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo by Edward Lear

There's Nothing to Eat in this House, Mum! by Roslyn Taylor

Three Children by Author Unknown

Three craws sat upon a wa by Scottish Verse - Author Unknown

Three Hens by Henry Johnstone

Three Jovial Huntsmen by Author Unknown

'Tis Midnight by Author Unknown

'Tis Sweet To Roam by Author Unknown

To Marie by John Bennett

Turvey Top by William Sawyer

Twickenham by Author Unknown

Uffia by Harriet R White

Uncle by Harry Graham

Uncle Simon And Uncle Jim by Charles Farrar Browne - Artemus Ward

Unselfishness by Harry Graham

Ways And Means by Lewis Carroll

We Three Kings by Author Unknown

Winkelman Von Winkel by Clara Odell Lyon

Wonders Of Nature by The Anti-Jacobin

Wrong Recipe by Roslyn Taylor

You canna shove your granny off a bus by Author Unknown


I wish I was much bigger

I wish I was much bigger,
Than all the boys in school,
I wish I was twelve foot high,
Without standing on a stool.

I wish I was much bigger,
Than all the boys in school,
I wish I were an evil giant,
And could stop them from being cruel!!
(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)


Mary had a little lamb

Mary had a little lamb,

Whose quack was way too loud,

She stuffed a carrot down its snout,

Then baked it for 30 minutes at Gas Mark 7.

(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)



There once was a parrot named Jack

There once was a parrot named Jack,

Who suffered a coronary attack,

The man from the vet,

With little regret,

Said , “Toasted he’ll make a nice snack”.

(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane) 



Ants in Aunt’s Pants
I once had an aunt,
Who had ants in her pants,
And though she was glum,
That they tickled her bum,
She was ever so glad,
They were not elephants.
(Copyright Stuart Macfarlane)



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